2024 is here, and what’s important is just to be moving….

Keep believing in yourself!

Keeping learning (= evolve, fall down, get back up) ….

Keep growing your roots….

Keep believing in yourself.

In that spirit, here is a friends’ mantra that I love want to share with you: 

« I cut all negative ties, past, present and future. I bind myself to Mother Earth and Father Sky and they bind themselves to me.”

For 2024, our wish is that you can continue on your journey, free from cumbersome things and people, guided by your internal compass (intuition).

We hope that you can pause and rest when it’s necessary, nourish yourself, and have the energy to courage to leave the beaten track and forge new paths.

 TRIBUS URBAINES is also moving forward. We met up with the founder of Bouclème, Michele Scott-Lynch. We are expanding our training on the use of plant-based hair color treatment to the entire TU Lausanne team, and we continue to grow our initiative “Simones salon” with Afrolitt.

Meeting with Michele Scott-Lynch, founder and director of Bouclème

The Bouclème brand was created in 2014. TRIBUS URBAINES has always been a fan of their products, especially the moisturizing gels and creams, and sell them in our salons. 


Michele’s inspiring story echoes that of TRIBUS URBAINES, and the story of many of the brands we collaborate with. It all grew out of a frustrating relationship with her hair and lifetime of straightening efforts until something clicked.

For some people, this awakening about caring for and loving our hair is linked to the hair straightening scene in Malcolm X’s biographical film. For others, this awareness grows out the experience of raising a child who hates his or her curly hair. For others, it comes from a personal realisation that it’s essential to cultivate self-love, regardless of difference.

 All of them – Anna Seck from Niir, Sandrine Sophie from Kalia Nature, Meriem Khali-Malone from Madam President, and Michele Scott-Lynch from Bouclème – found the courage and motivation to revolutionize the hair care market by creating new products specific to textured hair, even if none of them were originally trained professionals in the haircare or cosmetics industries.

They all used their accute business sense to create products that not only help care for textured hair, but also advocate self-love, self-respect and appreciating the uniqueness of each individual. In doing so, they have all successfully navigated the challenges of entrepreneurship, celebrating their 3rd, 5th, 7th…and for some, their 10th anniversaries! They have  blazed the trail for us. In this spirit, what a joy and honor to have been invited to Bouclème’s 10th anniversary party! 


Gaïa Colors Training (plant coloring)

Last year we launched plant-based coloring at our TRIBUS URBAINES salons. This 100% natural coloring technique is based on henna powders. This year, we are extending the training to all our hairdressers at the Lausanne salon.

On Tuesday, January 30 from 9:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m., we are looking for four models who would enjoy a 65% discount off the price of a coloring service, vegetable coloring and curl definition (reduced prices depend on the length and texture of the hair). More specifically we need:

  • model with more than 50% white hair to cover;
  • model with 100% white hair wishing to try natural blonde;
  • model with light color hair wishing to darken her hair;
  • model with dark brown hair wishing to add in copper or red highlights.

Interested? Send a photo of your hair to the following email address:  info@tribusurbaines.com.


Le salon des Simones 

For the co-founder and director of TRIBUS URBAINES (and for the inspiring women mentioned above), ambition is a central life theme. So for our second evening gathering, we will discuss the   subject of female ambition, a conversation based on Kamala Harris’ autobiography My American Dream.

  • Date: January 24, 2024 at 7:30 p.m.
  • Place: Tribus Urbaines hair salon, Rue de la Madeleine 10, Lausanne
  • Entrance fee: CHF 50.- (meals and drinks included)
  • Link to book your place 

A copy of the book is available in paperback version at most bookstores and local libraries. It’s a quick read so there’s still time to get started. It is not however obligatory to have read the book to participate in the meeting so do not hesitate to join us.

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