Your hair is our story!

More than hair salons…your hair is our story!

We have taken the habit of writing to you once a month to give you news, to tell you about the life of the salons, the novelties, the development of the Urban Tribes adventure; to communicate to you our work and our desire to always respond to your needs and expectations as best we can; to keep alive the feeling of belonging to our beautiful community of curly heads; to share with you the projects and commitments that are essential to us.


Writing to you on a regular basis is a way to put on screen (and to remind us!) that your hair is our story. This story goes beyond the management of hair salons. It is the desire to do business differently, to pursue a social ideal by following a commercial dynamic. Quite an ambitious program. Let’s aim for the stars to reach the moon!

Our goal is to make financial profits to improve the quality of life of our employees and partners while having a positive impact on the environment, our community and society.
We would like to be a key element of the ecological, solidarity and egalitarian change.

Therefore, we have joined La Marche Bleue, an organization of women that have been marching from Geneva to Bern since April 1st to demand that our government at least respect the Paris climate accords.

We invite you to sign the call of La Blue Marche Bleue and to join the marchers for the last days of the march. We will be in Bern on Saturday April 22nd. Come with us!

Say with your feet, with your voice, with your heart that you refuse to colonize the future of our children.

You refuse to deprive them of their freedom, their health, perhaps even their lives.
You refuse to impose the consequences of our actions on humans who will come after us, with a brutality and indifference that makes you dizzy.
You refuse to act as if their country were ours, as if their world was empty, as if we could draw at will on the available resources – drinking water, fertile soil, healthy air – without thinking that they might need them too.
You refuse to rob our grandchildren, to rob our children, to poison our offspring.

(Passage inspired by page 17 of the book “Nous colonisons l’avenir” by David Van Reybrouck)

Everyone in Bern on Saturday April 22!


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