Happy Mother’s Day !

Every opportunity is a good opportunity to express love and care for the people we hold dear; to gather around them and strengthen the bonds that bind us together.

Including Mother’s Day…

In Lingala (one of the languages spoken in the Democratic Republic of Congo) the same verb is used to say both « to bind » and « to love » : kolinga.

And Mamu Tschi tells us in her latest show, « to love means to form bonds. »

Inspired by this message, we hope this is will be a time for you to strengthen your bonds, create new ones, and renew your links with us. Come by the salon for some inspiration, a breath of fresh air, and some support taking care of yourself.

And what if our connection helped you to strengthen the love you have for yourself? If it helped you recognize and nourish your own sense of beauty?

Here’s what Aminita and Paula, Odile and Coline, Micheline and Maxime have to say about it.

Aminita and her mother Paula

To take care of her mother’s hair, Aminita uses:

Coline and her aunt Odile

To show love to her aunt, Coline takes care of her hair with:

Maxime and his mother Micheline

To style his mother’s hair, Maxime uses:

What if you offered a little care for Mothers’ day?

Looking forward to seeing you at a TRIBUS URBAINES salon soon!

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