Love yourself and the rest will follow.

…Love…Self-love…Loving others… Loving your hair….

 February is the month to celebrate love. That’s the message from the commercial world.

TRIBUS URBAINES is no exception. But we take a different angle on this message. We invite you to love yourself, first and foremost, and to embrace your uniqueness, the real you with all your imperfections. By doing so, you can experience the power of being your authentic self, feel more open and connected to others, and to move forward more confidently in your life.

 And although this newsletter is coming to you on the last day of the month of love, it’s a perfect moment to remind you that this isn’t just a message for February – it’s for every day of your life!

It’s also the perfect moment to remember the words of Akua Naru, one of our favorite Hip Hop artists, who whispers to us: “self love is the very first romance. »

 And in March, continue cultivating self-love and openness to other with TRIBUS URBAINES. We invite you to:

  • Come meet Elodye and Samya, our two newest hairdressers at the Lausanne salon; 
  • Imagine new ways to reinvent love with ideas from Mona Chollet’s book; 
  • « Put your heart on the table » as described in Victoire Tuaillon’s podcast;
  • Celebrate International Women’s Rights Day (March 8) with Afro-feminist activist, Tsitsi Dangarembga.


Come meet Elodye and Samya

Their values are aligned with ours at TRIBUS URBAINES. They love the creativity and novelty of working with textured hair, so it was natural for them to join our tribe. And we love their personalities!  We hope you will too.

Enjoy a 20% discount on hair services with Elodie or Samya, March 4-16. Just refer to the promo code ELO-SAM-20 when you make an appointment in Lausanne.


Reinvent love

In January, we discussed the theme of ambition in the « Salon des Simones », a conversation nourished by Kamala Harris’ book: Our Truths, My American Dream. Together, we dissected the concept of ambition, shared relevant personal experiences, and exchanged advice about how to make ambition an ally that can help us more forward in our lives with confidence.  

 The next « salon » meeting will take place Wednesday, March 6 at 7:30 p.m. at the TRIBUS URBAINES salon in Lausanne. We’ll discuss the book: Reinventing love. How patriarchy sabotages heterosexual relationships, by Mona Chollet.

 Register (event reserved exclusively for women).


Lay your heart on the table

“We all grew up with the message that a couple relationship was the ultimate romantic ideal, regardless of our gender or sexual identity. This singular model incites us to take pre-determined steps that to lead us to marriage, parenthood, home ownership – in what we can call – The Relationship Escalator. But can love only be experienced in this form? »

 Discover the podcast “Le Cœur sur la table” by Victoire Tuaillon where the theme of love in all its forms is explored.

International Women’s Rights Day

To celebrate International Women’s Rights Day, March 8th, the Salon des Simones is joining forces with the « Salon africaine » at the upcoming Geneva Book Fair. Come meet writer, filmmaker and activist Tsitsi Dangarembga and discover her latest novel: This Mournable Body.

 This off-site event is free, but limited to 30 people. It will take place at 7 p.m. at the TRIBUS URBAINES hair salon in Lausanne, rue de la Madeleine 10.

 PLEASE NOTE: the discussion will be hosted in English!!!

 Register yourself.


Remember. You are perfectly imperfect and we love you exactly how you are.

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