Long hair!

Do you want your hair to grow more quickly?

Do you already follow a special care routine for curly, frizzy, kinky or Afro-textured hair (see the tip no. 1 for your hair) that provides sufficient hydration based on good-quality products (with no sulphates, silicon or parabens)?

The next step to make your hair grow faster is having a haircut at least every three months. Yes, it’s a must. A cut reduces strands of hair forking at the end, which makes it tangle and break off easily when brushing. Our objective is to remove all obstacles for your brush and/or your fingers when styling your strands by cutting off 2 cm of hair ends every three months.

Hydrate and cut your textured hair for a better hair growth!

The solution consists of three steps:

  1. Hydration (based on water!)
  2. Minimum brushing (detangling once a week when washing your hair)
  3. Cutting (every three months by a hair professional).

Schedule an appointment with our “hair coach” every three months and share your hair growth outcomes with us.

Does it work?

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