Tribus Ubraines – The experts in curly, frizzy, kinky and Afro-textured hair

Curly, frizzy or kinky hair can be fun! More and more curly haired women are wearing their hair with panache. However, as a rule, hairstylists are not properly trained to care, cut, color or style a wide variety of textured hair. Not to mention the general difficulty curly haired women have finding and choosing quality hair products. As a result, many women decide to simply hide their curly hair, discouraged by it’s seemingly unmanageable character. It was high time to change this trend! And in this spirit, Carine and Sylvie launched Tribus Urbaines.

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Carine, the creative

Creativity is my cup of tea. Start something from scratch and help it gradually take shape is what I love best. I apply this approach to all areas of my life, including of course my work as a hairdresser. Investigating, testing and assisting – as well as selecting haircare products and accessories – this is what I love to do as a hairstylist.

And like many women, I wear more than one hat – working also as a senior executive + project manager for a public service organisation, and caring for my two young children.

“We are real women leading real lives. This does not prevent us from keeping up with the times and pursuing our own sense of style and beauty.  At Tribus Urbaines wants to show that with a bit of practice and imagination, women can properly take care of their hair on their own without too much effort and wear their curls like celebrities do, without damaging, unhealthy effects.”

Sylvie, the tomboy

Given my responsibilities as both the mother of two young boys and a team leader in the communication field,,with my deep concern for the environment, means I don’t have time for long beauty routines before starting my day.

“I’m committed to providing busy, curly-haired clients with effective, quick (even ultra-quick) beauty highlighting solutions.I want to offer our clients hair care and styling with a wow effect that turns heads when they walk down the street. And as an added plus, a line of curly hair products that are client-friendly and environmentally safe.”