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Tribus Urbaines Concept store : a place to inspire and be inspired

In the early days of developing our business concept for Tribus Urbaines, we imagined a place that would be a source of deep inspiration, a space to take an energizing break away from our noisy, busy lives. In our imagination, Tribus Urbaines would be a welcoming living room where people could gather, mix and talk together. We imagined a place where we could learn, think, and ask questions, and where we could dare to redefine our concepts of beauty, gender or identity. We imagined a joyful place full of laughter and rich in ambience. We also imagined a beautiful place that was welcoming, comforting and that made people feel good about themselves. Tribus Urbaines would be a lair, decorated with books, music and photos – a place where inspiring women and men share their stories, their art, and their knowledge.

We have since passed from dreams to reality and today, the gateway to the Tribus Urbaines “concept” is the hairdressing salon, which offers clients specialized techniques, know-how and products. It’s a place where everyone is welcome; especially those with curly, frizzy and afro hair.

And our mission continues. The waiting area at Tribus Urbaines in Lausanne, rue de la Madeline 10, becomes a “concept store” with books, fashion accessories, a deli, cosmetics and other items for body and soul.  

The space also becomes the place for cultural events and exchanges.

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Les principaux articles et marques actuellement en vente

Selection of items for sale in the Concept store

Our concept store features a selection of items created, produced or distributed almost exclusively by women who are challenging established fashion codes or aesthetics, thus moving us all in new directions. The items for sale are not only beautiful, tasty and original, but they each have a story to tell. Come hear, touch, and taste the tales of the Tribus Urbaines concept store!

Fashion Accessories

Saylyel Paris Sweatcher et T-shirt

Karidja & Khadija Jewellery

Ownbrown underwear

Vêtements afro Lausanne
Cosmétiques afro Lausanne


Soaps by Sheanaynay

Body Baobab oil by  Pilani

Lips baume by Gaïndness

Fine foods

Sauces, condimentsand other delicacies from Safari-happening

Produits épicerie fine

Upcoming meetings and other cultural events

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Tribus Urbaines’ favorite designer

Very proud that they chose the Tribus Urbaines concept store to sell their items. Find out why!

Nadine Ndjokio Peisker

Nadine Ndjokio Peisker, creator of Ownbrown underwear.

Who says that the color “nude” should correspond to a peach-beige? The answer is probably the dominant fashion and beauty industries. But Nadine has a very different opinion on the matter. With her product, she has reinterpreted “nude” to give it different shades of brown, creating Ownbrown, and thus ensuring that she herself can find nude-colored underwear that matches her skin tone.

This is how Nadine tells the story of her brand: “It was born out of my frustration at not finding skin-colored lingerie for black and brown skin. Until now, fashion norms have followed a unique “skin” color model even though 85% of the women in the world aren’t Europeans. The bright shades of brown in Ownbrown lingerie meet the demand for high quality bras that blend with the skin of African, mixed race and Asian women. ”

A lawyer by training, Nadine lives in Bienne in Switzerland with her husband and two children. If you would like to meet her, she will be at the show this Saturday, 19 December 2019. If not, don’t worry, she’ll back regularly for events and to just hang out in the concept store. Thank you Nadine for your inspiration!