At first glance, TRIBUS URBAINES appears to simply be a network of hair salons specializing in the care and cutting of textured hair (curly, frizzy, frizzy, afro). In reality, it is much more than that. TU is a community of customers, professionals, shareholders with shared convictions and an open, tolerant, values-driven view of society. We aim to contribute to positive social progress.

Groupe tribus urbaines

Our ambition is to become an international brand, present on all continents, helping women and men to achieve their full potential, and improve their quality of life. Our strategy is to develop a network of enthusiastic franchise entrepreneurs who share our values and who are driven to grow their business, while embodying the TRIBUS URBAINES mission.

To help you be successful, TRIBUS URBAINES will provide you with established management tools and give you access to shared/pooled resources to accelerate your business development.

At TU, we aim to enable everyone involved to have a positive impact on themselves and the world around them.  By working this way, we can contribute to a more equitable, inclusive and respectful world, where the uniqueness of each individual is recognized and valued.

Inspired by entrepreneurs like Viola Davis, Sara Blakely or Sofiia de Meyer, we invite you to join us and help TRIBUS URBAINES grow into an international network of thriving, flamboyant franchises!

Establishing a new TU franchise is an exciting opportunity to open your own salon, under a proven brand name, supported by an ambitious team, excited to see you succeed.

The values that define the TRIBUS URBAINES brand are:

  • A social ideal
  • A commercial dynamic
  • A positive impact on the environment
  • A positive impact for our community and for society

The brand’s values are reflected in:

  • A team-based approach to work
  • Our selection and use of sustainable products
  • A fair sharing of profits
  • Our harmonious relationships with each other, characterized by solidarity, loyalty, simplicity and pleasure while respecting contractual commitments
  • A commitment to our wider community, via exchanges and meetings, as well as literary, musical and cultural events

The Tribus Urbaines expertise (since 2017) features:

  • Attention to and respect for individuality ;
  • The development of personalized, hair care protocols;
  • Expertise specific to the care and styling of textured, afro and frizzy hair;
  • The creation of a specialized product line for textured, afro and frizzy hair;
  • The selection of ethical suppliers whose quality products respect the environment;
  • Personalized customer care and follow up

Our organizational know-how includes:

  • Proven methods of sharing knowledge;
  • High-quality technical training;
  • Performance support;
  • Marketing and human resource development;
  • Communication and dialogue within a network;
  • Business development based on a corporate social responsibility (CSR) approach.


  • Hair care products from the TRIBUS URBAINES brand
  • A 3-week training;
  • 5 days of assistance when opening your salon;
  • Help in developing quarterly performance indicators;
  • Telephone support;
  • 3 minimum on-site visits per year;
  • An annual franchise convention

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