Transform yourself!

Transforming your life sometimes requires a sort of personal revolution, but more often, it simply means adopting new habits or getting a new look. Either way, the key is to just get started and then proceed one step at a time. But of course, you know this already because you are the amazing women of Tribus Urbaines – the activists, entrepreneurs, meditators, mothers, professionals and everyday heroines that come through our doors each day!

This autumn, let’s journey towards transformation together! What do you want to become? What are you in the process of becoming? Let us know! Your words are our inspiration. So leave a comment on our blog … or participate in our back-to-school contest.

That’s right. For the second year in a row (now it’s officially a tradition :-), we are launching our back-to-school contest.  The winner will receive a complete makeover, featuring: hairdressing services by Tribus Urbaines, make-up by Bobbi Brown and clothes from Globus.

Sound great? Why not participate! You have until September 5,2019.

Ultimately, our aim is to come together – hand in hand, shoulder to shoulder – moving forward in unison, towards a new and improved version of ourselves – bringing out the best in each other.


Thank you Geneva – A permanent space is on the way!

Our June pop-up salon in Geneva was a huge success – a full house and an encouraging bottom line. Based on that very promising experience, we are launching a special campaign to raise the CHF 30’000 we need to open a more permanent space in Geneva in NOVEMBER 2019 !!!

From September 20 through October 28, 2019, we will be selling 120 VIP cards for 250 CHF each. Cardholders will receive a 10% discount for life (yes, for life!) on all Tribus Urbaines services and products in Geneva and/or Lausanne. If the cardholder is accompanied by a friend, s/he will also benefit from the same 10% discount.


Tribus Urbaines: more than a hair salon, a gathering place and a “concept store” where we try new things and transform ideas into reality

Our neighbors, NoMad, are moving out on November 1st. In their place, we’ll be creating a cool new space to relax, read, drink, as well as showcase and sell unique objects and fashion accessories. We will also use the new space to host some cultural events during the year to gather and celebrate together in greater numbers.



Speaking of culture

In collaboration with Afrolitt and musician Yilian Canisarez, we will be hosting three cultural events between October 2019 and June 2020. Rumor has it that Yilian Canisarez herself will perform at Tribes Urbaines and that Laura Nsafou, author of Like a million black butterflies, will present her book. Don’t miss it!




Until then, best wishes to you all for a successful back-to-school season


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