AFROLITT & TRIBUS URBAINES present “Le Salon des Simones”

Join Pamela Ohene-Nyako, founder of Afrolitt, and Sylvie Makela, director of Tribus Urbaines, for a series of four literary evenings to discuss the topics of ambition, money, work and love from a woman’s perspective. These events will take place between November 2023 and May 2024.

Pamela and Sylvie have been friends for over a decade have much common.

As the creator of the literary platform AFROLITT’, Pamela has introduced Sylvie to a myriad of books and authors that have nurtured her understanding of herself, promoted a deeper conscienceless of the world around her, and fostered a greater sense of inner peace in the face of a challenging reality.

Creator and director of TRIBUS URBAINES hair salons, Sylvie lives her values – strength, resilience, belief in self, and the importance of investing in your own well-being.

The two friends inspire and encourage each other. For 10 years, they have seen themselves evolve, progress and accomplish great things. Convinced that their exchanges and discussions have helped nurture their personal, AFROLITT’ and TRIBUS URBAINES are now joining forces to initiate the Salon des Simones and extend this learning opportunity to other women.


Le Salon des Simones

What did Nina Simone and Simone de Beauvoir have in common other than their first and last names and being born women? Their struggles for liberation and equality. One was a feminist and intellectual. The other was a pianist, composer, performer and icon of black resistance. They each in their own way sought to transcend their conditions and believed in the need to re-imagine the world through the eyes of women and black people.

The Salon des Simones concept is based on two ideas: the hair salon as a place of meeting and exchange, and the famous literary Salon de Clamart run by the Nardal sisters, pioneers of negritude. Pamela and Sylvie aim to create a nurturing space where important books can be discussed and transformative ideas can be shared.

The Salon des Simones’ four-part series begins on November 15 at the TRIBUS URBAINES salon in Lausanne, rue de la Madeleine 10, from 7:30 p.m. to 10 p.m. The evening will include a meal and a book discussion,

The dates and books for all four evenings are as follows:

  • November 15, 2023: The couple and money by Titiou Lecoqe (theme is money)
  • January 24, 2024: Our Truths. My American Dream by Kamala Harris (theme is ambition)
  • March 6, 2024: Reinventing love by Mona Chollet (theme is love)
  • May 1, 2024: Surviving the job by Maria Dasylva (theme is work)

All people identifying as women or non-binary who wish to engage in a discussion around these topics are welcome. Come help us deconstruct certain assumptions linked to money, ambition, love and work. Your critical views and experiences will enrich the conversation. At the same time, you will likely gain new strength and insights to help pursue your goals and live a confident life.

25 places are available for each evening event.

The cost is 50 CHF per evening or 180 CHF for the entire 4-part series.

To find out more about the featured books, dinner menus and/or to register, go to this link.

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