Self-love is the very first romance…

Self-love is the very first romance…

…sings Akua Naru in his track “This Mo(u)rning” feat. Drea d’Nur dans l’album “Live & Aflame Sessions”

This is our mantra, the one we repeat to ourselves again and again: the most essential love story is the one you have with yourself.

You are the only person who is always there for you. You are the only person who wakes up with you every morning and goes to bed with you every night. You are the most important person in your life.

Love yourself, take care of yourself, listen to yourself. It’s crucial.
And it’s the best way to show those around you the best way to love you, care for you and listen to you.

At Tribus Urbaines, we like to take our own twist on Valentine’s Day. Valentine’s Day is tomorrow – Yes, tomorrow! And all month long.

So tomorrow, treat yourself to some love and care on your own terms….
…a getaway in nature, far from the office and daily obligations. A one-on-one lunch with yourself, punctuated by a nap and reading time. An afternoon at the spa or a movie. Or an aimless stroll through the streets of downtown. It doesn’t matter as long as you love it!

Valentine’s Day at Tribus Urbaines

At Tribus Urbaines, Anolia, Aminita, Clarisse, Loredana, Roseidy, Sabrina, Samrawit, Saliha, Sonia, Stéphanie, Zhenya and Wenderson can then add some love to your self care with a personalized hair care treatment and scalp massage.

If that fits your definition of self-love, book an appointment for a treatment or any other service, and celebrate Valentine’s Day in the “I celebrate my love for myself” mode anytime during the month of February.

Behind the scenes at Tribus Urbaines SA, we are also celebrating self-love this month – love for our company, for its mission and for our dedication to it’s growth and development. We’re doing this by recruiting a new administrative collaborator, because there is simply too much administrative work for one director to manage.

The position is: Administration and Finance Manager at 40% – 50%.

If this is the perfect job for you, apply! Or forward the announcement to those around you.


PS: To get into a self-love mood, here is a link to the Tribus Urbaines LOVE playlist


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