Help! We need your support!

We need you!

Only a few days left to get your Tribus Urbaines VIP card and benefit from a 10% reduction for life (yes for life!) on all Tribus Urbaines services and products, as well as a 10% discount on services for those who accompany you to the salon.

If this special promotion is successful, and we reach our fundraising goal of 30,000 francs, we will be able to open our newest Tribus Urbaines salon at Foound, rue Jean-Dassier 7,  in Geneva on November 2, 2019 as planned.
Already, the lease is signed, the furniture is ordered and we are open for reservations. 30,000 francs will cover essential start up costs like furniture, products, accessories, hairstyling equipment and train passes for our hairdressers.  By the way, Marveille will be in Geneva on Wednesdays and two Saturdays a month. Maria: Thursdays and one Saturday a month, Isabelle: Fridays and one Saturday a month. Carine: two Saturdays a month. And Sylvie: Wednesday afternoons and one Saturday a month.
For three years, you have encouraged us to take this gamble and open a second salon in Geneva, bringing Tribus Urbaines services closer to you. Who knows, perhaps one day, there will be a Tribus Urbaines in every city in Switzerland!
Thank you to those who have already bought a card and to all those who have supported us in other ways. For the rest of you curly, frizzy and afro haired women – don’t miss this special chance to buy your VIP card and help us grow this exciting joint (ad)venture!

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