A star is born!

Melissa Mvulu: a star is born

Tribes Urbaines, Globus and Bobbi Brown professionals worked together for half a day to make Melissa’s beauty shine. Like last year, the result is amazing. Different clothes, a new haircut, a little makeup and Melissa changes her posture and attitude. A little help for a big change …

Laura Mvulu sings  “Sing to the moon and the stars will shine…”   No, Melissa is not related to the British singer that shares her name. However, both of them inspire us to shine. Melissa provides inspiration through her example. While going through a complicated phase in her personal life following a relationship breakup, Melissa was persuaded by her cousin to participate in the makeover contest organized by Tribus Urbaines, in partnership with Globus Lausanne and Bobbi Brown. Her stated goal was to accept and love the person she is while serenely projecting herself into the future. The “personal shopper” from Globus helped refine this goal a bit further: give a signature and personality to the simplicity of Melissa. And after seven hours of fun and creative work, Tribus Urbaines, Globus and Bobbi Brown revealed Melissa’s new look.

Step 1: Globus




Step 2: Tribus Urbaines


IMG_4306 & IMG_4307

Step 3: Bobbi Brown




The result:


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