New colors!

Can you feel it? There’s a smell of new colors in the air.

As the government loosens our stay-at-home orders, summer starts to feel a little more free and we can get busy making holiday travel plans close to home. 
There is something really relaxing about staying in Switzerland this summer, close to our families and to Tribus Urbaines. It’s an opportunity to be tourists in our own country – to hike, bike, swim in different lakes, and of course, go camping!
This is also the moment to continue those good self-care habits that you may have started during the quarantine. The big difference is that once again, the TRIBUS URBAINES lounges are open and waiting for you to come get a little help caring for your curls while you hang out on the terrace. And starting June 8, we can once again offer you a delicious flavored drink while you relax. It’s another reason to come back in and visit us.
And in order to be in tune with the sunlight and warmth of the coming summer season, we are offering:
  1. Three new hair colors : Eggplant, Honey and Pink.
  2. A special “colorful summer at home” treatment to revive your hair’s color and / or treat hair that’s been damaged by the sun, chlorine or salt water. The treatment is available in the salon for 70frs and or in a to-go, 200ml bottle, good for 3-4 uses, for 36frs.
  3. A URBAN TRIBUS microfiber towel for each reservation you make for a color treatment. It’s our way to encourage you to take the step!
At TRIBUS URBAINES, summer starts earlier and lasts longer – from June 8 to September 20.To give you a taste of summer time, here are three films by Stéphane Goël presenting the three flagship hair colors :


Enjoy your summer in Switzerland!
PS: coloring is a chemical process (the only chemical process used at Tribus Urbaines). It requires a lot of care in the months following the treatment to protect the hair and the intensity of the color dye. 
PS bis: the violent manifestations of racism throughout the world and the media coverage of G. Floyd’s murder make us sad. So much so that we felt the need to isolate ourselves to give space to our tears and to recharge our batteries in silence. In this context, we received the article written by Jacqueline Chelliah (one of our first and faithful clients) for With her lines, she took the words out of our mouths and comforted us. Here it is. Enjoy your reading! 

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