Shed some light on your curls! It’s springtime.

According to Elle, Marie-Claire and Marie-France, it’s time again to reduce bulges, lose belly-fat and get a new swim suit.

What a sad way of celebrating the arrival of spring!

Big, fat, thin, small, kinky, frizzy, tattooed, scarified – there is no need to put yourself on a diet! You’re beautiful just as you are. We’re called magicians, fairies and witches because we reveal your true self with our natural potions, our fingers dance  between the strands of your hair to the rhythm of our magic spells. The more texture, surface, curves and volume you have the more opportunities to express yourself!.

At Tribus Urbaines, we celebrate the arrival of spring too, but as new beginning, the renewed rhythm of new life. We have special things going on for Easter vacation, of course, but also for the month of May, with its bright sunlight and its myriad of events. We’ve rearranged our patio. We’re ready for spring!

So if you come across a woman wearing her curls with pride, hair dancing in the wind, eyes filled with joy and mouth a wide banana-shaped smile, get inspired and come celebrate spring beauty and a cup of tea with us here at Tribus Urbaines.,

Special Offers

  • 20% discount on MD Nature care products on March 27th.
  • Children’s haircut starting at CHF 30, Monday to Friday during the Easter holidays.

Nancy Falaise is in town

Nancy Falaise

Nancy Falaise

Our trainer from Montreal with over 20 years of experience in beautifying and cutting curly, frizzy and kinky hair will be in Lausanne May 6th through the 20th. She’ll be there to beautify your hair and to host four workshops on how to take care of your curls and discover the latest creative hairdos.

Choose the training that appeals to you the most:

6 May: GETTING-STARTED workshop for parents/children

6 May: ADVANCED workshop for parents/children

20 May: GETTING-STARTED workshop for adults

20 May: ADVANCED workshop for adults

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