Thanks to your loyalty, the adventure continues


As time goes on, Tribus Urbaines grows deeper roots and more capable of serving your needs better. This is something to celebrate! Send us an email and win tickets to the film screening of “Je suis Noires” by Rachel M’bon and Juliana Fanjul, on Friday September 30 in La Chaux-de-Fonds.

And you, how long have you been a Tribus Urbaines client?

The adventure began in January 2017, with one, two, three, four, then eight hairdressers. First we opened a salon in Lausanne, then a second in Geneva.

Plans were laid to open more salons in Fribourg and Bienne, but ultimately, these expansions had to be postponed to give us time to recover from the COVID years and find the right managers for the two future salons.

In 2021, Tribus Urbaines celebrated its 5th birthday, an important  milestone for a small business. That year, we also welcomed Tribus Urbaines clients to invest in our business, and many people answered the call! It was a wonderful sign of confidence and encouragement. Thank you so very much!

Still today, our reasons for being, our “why”, remain the same…

To help people with textured hair enjoy, care for, and make the most of their curls, while staying within the boundaries of textured hair’s true nature; 

To promote a more inclusive definition of beauty; and 

To encourage self-love, regardless of difference.

For Sylvie Makela, director and co-founder of the company, Tribus Urbaines is more than a hair salon, it’s a project with a purpose – to contribute to a more egalitarian society where each person has their place, regardless of their identity.

With this in mind, today we celebrate the following:

1) The nomination of Sylvie Makela by the newspaper Le Temps to the list of 100 young people making important contributions to the positive growth and evolution of French-speaking Switzerland;


2) The upcoming first edition of the Black Helvetia Festival (FBH), supported by the Swiss confederation and for which Sylvie Makela is the vice-president. The festival will open its doors in La Chaux-de-Fonds on September 30 for a three week adventure! 

Here is the link to all the festival programming.

The two highlights of the program are:

Sunday, October 2nd at 2 p.m.: a parent-child workshop on children’s literature entitled: “What heroes for the new generation?” followed by a snack.

– Friday, September 30th at 6:45 p.m.: screening of the film “Je suis Noires” in the presence of the directors, Rachel Mbon and Juliana Fanjul, followed by an aperitif (reserved for sponsors).

So don’t forget to send us an email ( and win an invitation to the film screening on Friday September 30 in La Chaux-de-Fonds, and the post-film aperitif in the presence of the directors. We have five sets of invitations to give away to the  the first five emails we receive.

Finally, since we mostly talk about hair when we talk about Tribus Urbaines, a quick shout out to let you know that all Nancy Falaise products are back in stock, and can be purchased at the salon or ordered online. 

Thank you again for your loyalty and see you soon at the salon!

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