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Come discover what’s new!

At your next Tribus Urbaines appointment, come discover our many new products for your personalized hair treatments, featuring beautiful ingredients like mango butter, banana powder, rice protein, broccoli oil, and more!  And to simplify your life, you can leave with your own personalized blend to use at home and prolong their « deep care » benefits.

 You will also discover that if you come to the salon on your birthday, you will receive 300 loyalty points, which you can use that same day, or save and use them another time. Remember, each franc you spend at the salon earns you one loyalty point. And 100 loyalty points gives you the right to a 2 franc discount off products and services.

 During your next appointment at Tribus Urbaines, you can also discover our new organic, biodynamic and ecological hair care brands like OWAY (with us since January), as well as new hair accessories like the Denman afro comb.

We are permanently seeing to better adapt ourselves to your needs and requests, so you can get exactly the care you seek, personalized to your hair’s specific needs.

Our goal, our passion, is that each time you visit the salon, you get closer to realising your hair’s best potential. AND, that it happens in a place where you feel heard, and where you can share, relax and enjoy yourself.


Towards more autonomy…

In addition to visits to the salon, if you want to become more autonomous in the daily care and management of your own hair or your children’s hair, we are offering 3-hour workshops with Sabrina, our training manager or her trained colleague. If you are interested in participating, just send us an email at with your contact details, specifying:

1) who the workshop is for: yourself or for your children?

2) your preferred day: Wednesday afternoon, Sunday, or during school holidays?

3) location – if would be willing to travel to Geneva for the workshop?


More international brands want to be featured at Tribus Urbaines

As you may have heard, more international brands want to be featured at Tribus Urbaines, particularly french brands. Two currently being tested are: Madame La Présidente and Serge d’Estel Paris. Each of these brands has a serum or oil that promotes hair growth (effective for hair loss but not for alopecia).

If you would you like to help us test these products, we’re looking for a few more clients. Please drop us a message at: and let us know that you are interested.

So, after learning about all this novelty, are you looking forward to your next appointment at Tribus Urbaines? We are! We can’t wait to see you again for a treatment, a cut, a workshop, the purchase of a product or simply to share and discuss what’s new with you.

So see you soon, maybe even during the long Ascension weekend!

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