This November, we here at Tribus Urbaines are turning up our noses at seasonal gloominess.

We say NO to greyness and accumulated fatigue. Instead, we: THINK ABOUT PINK! On the agenda this month instead: cuddles, whispers of loving words in your ear … and seeing life through rosy glasses..

To pamper you even more, we designed a contest, new discounts and a sweet piece of news that tastes just like a Madeleine (stay tuned J).


To mark the back-to-school season and the beginning of autumn, we organised two contests to encourage you (if needed) to visit us during the week.

Lilla, Amanda, Elena, Youma, Althea et Rache had lucky curls.

They won the following drawing prizes: a voucher worth CHF 200 for our services, a full care routine kit (shampoo, conditioner, leave-in, spray and detangling brush) valued at CHF 140, 3 express care routine kits (shampoo, conditioner, leave-in) worth CHF 90 and a CHF 50 voucher for our services.

The Tribus Urbaines team looks forward to re-welcoming the winners back to the salon anytime after Tuesday 7 November. We’ll send you a reminder by email.


In November, schedule an appointment for you and a friend on a weekday and you will automatically be entered into our new drawing to win a voucher worth CHF 50 for a care treatment or a hair cut in January.

Try your luck this Thursday. At Tribus Urbaines, we celebrate Halloween on Thursday 2 November. We’ll be dressed up and ready to greet you in All Saints’ style. We’ll be offering crazy hairdos with colour bombs (that’s right, colouring, colouring). You’ll also receive a 50% discount on Mizani hair line products.


After a nomadic year between St-François passage and the central street in Lausanne, on December 1st we’re moving to our new home. Actually, your home! It’s a beautiful space that is just like you: urban, friendly and bright. Arranged and decorated with our own hands. We look forward to working there and enjoying it every day. And we’re really looking forward to introduce the new TRIBUS URBAINES SALON to you! Location:  rue de la Madeleine 10 in Lausanne!

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