Ooops, we forgot Mother’s Day!

This year, with schools closed and art class canceled, kids didn’t come home with cute, crafty gifts to surprise their moms on Mother’s Day. As a result, May 10th came and went and we forgot to celebrate the day! Sorry! We promise to do better next year.

 That said – even without special gifts, promotions or events to mark the day, we feel enormous gratitude and admiration for our mothers. It is thanks to them that we are TRIBUS URBAINES. In these Corona virus times, we take our hats off to all the mothers who have been busy helping their school-aged kids with home-based learning, providing supervision and stimulation to younger kids, shopping and delivering food to older parents, all while doing what’s required to keep everyone safe at home, and often while simultaneously working outside the home or telecommuting. It’s not been easy!

 So hats off to moms! Hats of for compromising on screens and mobile phones or on the contrary, for redoubling your creativity to cook, tinker and play with your children all day long! Hats off for managing the guilt of not doing enough or perhaps for doing too much. Hats off to managing the sometimes difficult relationships with your offspring with so much grace! Hats off to you moms!

That said, if like us, you want to offer a belated mothers day gift to someone special, Tribus Urbaines’ online store is full of treasures.

In other news, we went back to business as usual two weeks ago. Thank you to so many of you for responding to our call to come on in. What a pleasure! And for those of you who haven’t yet come by, don’t delay, make an appointment today!

Merveille masquée – HD 720p

We hope to serve you better than ever during this special time, masks and all, while we keep working hard to develop the business and stay positive about the future. Enthusiastic and confident, we are already preparing for the end of the year and for the next steps in growing our business.

Next on our agenda is recruitment and training. To help us strengthen our team, we invite you to spread the word that TRIBUS URBAINES is recruiting and training for the upcoming school year. We are looking for apprentices and hairdressers throughout French-speaking Switzerland (in particular Geneva, Lausanne… and Fribourg)

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