Roseidy, afro hairstylist

Roseidy, afro hairdrestylist at Lausanne salon

Originally from the Dominican Republic, Roseidy has lived in Switzerland since the age of 10. She learned Afro hair care from her grandmother in the Dominican Republic, who always wore her curly hair natural.

From an early age, Roseidy learned to make hair care products using natural ingredients.

Hairdressing is part of her. It’s a passion she turned into a profession when she passed her CFC almost 20 years ago.

By joining Tribus Urbaines, she has finally found a salon that suits her. In line with her values and my origins.
Every day spent at the Lausanne salon is a pleasure to share her passion with you.

Roseidy’s strengths:

  • Short cuts and barbering
  • Twists
  • Braids
  • Afro hair styling
  • Afro hair treatments


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