Are you in love with fall? We are ! Because thanks to you – all the curly, frizzy, kinky, afro haired women and men who have put their trust in us – we are constantly growing and expanding … both our business and our dreams !

First, we had the dream of opening an Tribus Urbaine salon. Today there are two, in Lausanne and Geneva. And now, we are making plans for two more salons in Fribourg and Bienne.

Tribus Urbaines is a small business with nine employees, led by two co-directors, all who are proud to work hard and contribute to the local economy. We are also thankful to be able to count on the excellent work of other creative companies and independent professionals in the region and beyond with which we have built alliances.

But of course, the success of our business is mainly thanks to you, our clients! You believe in us, you spread the word about our business, you come into the salon, and then you come back, time and time again. You offer us kind critiques so that we can constantly improve and stay true to our values. You give us wings and make us feel as flamboyant as the colors of this beautiful season.

This fall, we are filled with pride, gratitude and love for you and all of our partners. We say, « thank you » to you, « thank you » to the Tribus Urbaines staff, « thank you » to our partners and to the media for their interest. It feels like we’ve won an award ! And since we love Emmys speeches, (Viola Davis’s 2015 is one of our favorites), we’ve decided to pretend we’re actually AT the Emmys, wearing amazing dresses, glittering under the lights, mingling with the audience, and then, up on stage…microphone in hand !


Thank YOU !

Your expressions of gratitude, your smiles, your knowing looks and your trust are our « raison d’être. » If we’ve disappointed you at times, thank you for letting us know so we can do better.

With nearly 3,500 clients in our database, 5,000 subscribers on Facebook and Instagram, and another 2,300 receiving our newsletter, nothing will stop us now. With you by our side, we are here to stay !



The Tribus Urbaine team brings our company’s values to life : creativity and daring, excellence, openness, pleasure and solidarity. Our team is passionate, committed and determined. They listen, train and continually seek to surpass themselves. Being part of such a team turns work into fun.



Our partners believe in us and offer us time, encouragement and guidance, helping us become more professional and efficient.

Adrien Kracher, Nathalie Caracas et Mauro Pereira, Caracas consulting (Fiduciary); Céline Mugnier, Unique (Webmaster); Diane Hostettler, Blancarnica (Graphics); Isabelle Schwager, design-ambiance (hair salon layout); Jennifer Petree (Translator); Katell Bosser, Blooming Companies (Coach); Marion Delanchy, La reine des mots (community management); Nancy Falaise, Académie de coiffure Nancy Falaise (Training); Pénélope Henriod, Pénélope Henriod (Photos); Sophie Brasey, Sophie Brasey (Photos), Stéphane Goël, Climages (Photos and videos); Steeve Depraz, Actoform (Carpentry).



We have things to say, stories to tell, a certain vision of society to promote and we are happy to hear our ideas echoed in the media.

Last but not least, thank you to our partners, our children, our extended families and our friends for their support, patience and encouragement.

Let’s not forget – you have to aim for the moon to reach the stars !

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