Do you want healthy dreadlocks?

We can help you

Creating and maintaining good looking dreadlocks requires patience; keeping them healthy requires good care and a good hair routine with the right products.


The “Lockticiennes” at Tribus Urbaines look forward to accompanying you on your next dreadlock adventure – answering your questions and sharing their knowledge about care and styling.

Adopting a dreadlock hairstyle is a project that needs time to develop. It’s a big and often irreversible change for you as well as for your hair, which will require a completely new routine.

We recommend that you start your adventure with a “consultation” meeting and take the time to discuss the feasibility of your project. If it’s feasible, then we can discuss your hair habits and tastes to determine the outline (square or staggered), the size (XS / S / M / L) and the method (twist / hook / needle) that’s most appropriate.

If you already have mature dreadlocks, come see us to tighten them, wash them thoroughly (with neutral shampoo and baking soda), and hydrate and condition them with oil-based treatments.

If you don’t have time to do a complete tightening, we offer a “refreshing” treatment to simply tighten the contour of your hair.
So don’t hesitate. Entrust your beautiful hair, “locked” or in the making, to one of the Tribus Urbaines’s Locticians: Stelly in Geneva, or Isabelle and Merveille in Lausanne.

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