New things blow in on the wind

Can you feel the winds of change in your hair? 🙂

Even if the temperatures are rising too slowly, spring has arrived. At Tribus Urbaines, it’s the time for spring cleaning and the arrival of new things.
Some of you have mentioned that booking appointments online can be complicated, while others wish for a loyalty card that better meets their needs. In reponse, and in the spirit of spring cleaning and the arrival of new hairdressers, we have introduced a simplified method for booking online appointments and redesigned our loyalty point system.
So come on in and enjoy the novelty. The salons remain open tomorrow (Saturday of the Easter weekend) and we look forward to seeing you!


Starting on Thursday, April 21, each franc spent at Tribus Urbaines earns you 1 loyalty point. As your points add up, you can earn reductions on any TU product or service. For example :
• 100 loyalty points earns you a 2 franc reduction;
•500 loyalty points earns you a 10 franc reduction;
•1000 loyalty points earns you a 20 franc reduction;
You can use your loyalty points by multiples of 100 as often as you want (maximum accumulation = 1000 pts).
With this new system in place, our current Poinz Loyalty Card system will officially come to an end on April 20. If you have Poinz points left after this date, you can convert them into new TU loyalty points (1 Poinz pass corresponds to 150 new loyalty points).
To exchange unused Poinz points, please write us an email ( with a photo of your points or go to the salon with your Poinz card and we’ll make the change in your account.


First: all our services include a minimum offer of :
  • Shampoo
  • Natural drying
Second: as usual, the duration and price of our services varies according to the texture and length of your hair.
Finally: to the shampoo and natural drying, you can add a treatment and/or a cut and/or a gel curl definition and/or a coloring.
The full choice of combinations can be found in our list of packages. Generally speaking, more services means a bigger price discount overall. For example:
  • 4 services (in addition to shampoo & natural drying) = reduction of -15%
  • 3 services (in addition to shampoo & natural drying) = reduction of -10%
  • 2 services (in addition to shampoo & natural drying) = reduction of -5%
  • 1 service (in addition to shampoo & natural drying) = no discount
Some examples of our most popular packages are:
  • Trim + care treatment + curl definition = -10% reduction
  • Transformation cut + care treatment + curl definition = -10% reduction
  • Cut + curl definition = reduction of -5%
  • Transformation cut + curl definition = reduction of -5%
To book an appointment online, simply follow these steps:
  1. choose your package or service;
  2. select your hair texture (afro-frizzy or curly);
  3. select the length of your hair.
NOTE: For our “barber” packages, it’s not necessary to specify your hair texture or length as our barber service is reserved for short hair measuring less than 5 cm.


The talented Aminita, Loredana and Marisa are the newest expert hairdressers to join the TU team in our Lausanne salon this April. Passionate about hairdressing, Anolia and Paul are at your service in Geneva. And serving both locations is the creative and flamboyant Zhenya.
Get to know more about them all on our website. Then come on in, enjoy a drink and tell us about your hair!
In the meantime, Happy Easter to everyone and best wishes for a spring filled with novelty and nice surprises!

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