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For bouncy, healthy curls … visit us now in Lausanne and Geneva

Bouncy, healthy afro and curly hair needs to be moisturized with water and this hydration sealed in with the right products and oils. Curls should be touched as little as possible using specific, gentle manipulations. A quarterly haircut to trim the ends and a lot of love are the final necessary ingredients!

The hair professionals at Tribus Urbaines can offer you all that, and more … along with a 10% discount for life on all our products and services.

With our VIP card, benefit from a 10% discount on all our products and services for life in both our Lausanne and Geneva salons, as well as a 10% discount for the person (s) accompanying you to the salon.

Precious and unique, just like you, the Tribus Urbaines VIP card is on sale exclusively from September 20 to October 28, 2019, and is limited to 120 VIP cards at 250 swiss francs each.

So join the other beautiful, curly haired people and grab one of the exclusive 120 VIP cards while supplies last – just 40 days for you and/or your sister, brother, mother, best friend, or lover to join the Tribus Urbaines adventure and enjoy lifetime discounts on products and services while helping us raise the 30,000 francs we need to open our new Geneva salon on Saturday, November 2, 2019!

Our new Tribus Urbaines salon in Geneva, opening November 2, 2019, will help us liberate curls all the way to the end of the lake and make waves throughout the City of Calvin and beyond! With a new salon in Geneva, more of you can wear your curls, afro, or twist with pride, panache, style and creativity – because you’re worth it!

How to get your VIP card?

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