At Tribus Urbaines, we believe that the most beautiful love story in your life is perhaps the one you experience with yourself. As the talented Akua Naru sings, “self-love is the very first romance”.

Let our three mantras accompany you through the coming days….

  • I’m in love with myself.
  • I’m beautiful.
  • I take care of myself.

On our small way, we can support you in this personal adventure with: ,

A care treatment worth CHF 50 in February!

Schedule an appointment today!

Loyalty card

Our free loyalty card offers a number of permanent benefits and other time limited special offers during the year. Register on our website and sign up for our Newsletter for more information.


  • 20% discount on all services on the day of your birthday
  • For your 5th visit, a shampooing service with Nancy Falaise lavender products
  • On your 10th visit, 20% off all hair services
  • On Fridays, 10% discount on all services
  • 10% discount on men’s haircutting services all year long
  • A CHF 30 Discount on all workshops
  • Entry into our special raffle for 5 tickets to the show “Afrodyssée”

Wednesday 14 February: Tribus Urbaines wants to be your Valentine

On this special day, every curly-haired client will receive a rose and a 10% discount on any of our products and services. Combine this with our loyalty card, and benefit even more!

On the same day, beauticians from Glamyday will be offering makeup and manicure services. Anything to pamper our precious clients from head to toe.

Schedule an appointment on 14 February!

No excuses!

Take care of yourself today. The basic care routine for curls is described on our website. You can also reach out to our hairdressers or sign up for specialised workshops.

If you missed the opportunity, click on the following link to learn about our hair tips.

  1. Optimise your hair care routine.
  2. Is it time to say goodbye to your bathroom hairbrush?
  3. Long hair at gunpoint!

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