The summer will be hot

Curls shining in the light, stylish and healthy

Are you leaving town? In July? In August? Maybe even the whole summer?

At Tribus Urbaines, we’ll be sticking around all summer and look forward to « traveling » the world with you by listening to your stories from near and far. We already know some of you are heading to Rio, Locarno, Kinshasa, Lecce, Saint-Malo or Phuket. Regardless of whether you’re staying in Switzerland, headed to the ocean or the other side of the world, remember to take care of your curls and protect them from the sun, salt water and chlorine.

The key word in this bright season is: care, care and care!

Enrich your deep treatments with proteins and do it more frequently, once or twice a month, ideally under a steamer.

Discover Oway’s “after sun” products made from calendula, baobab, passion fruit and citrus essential oils. The shampoo gently removes all sand, salt and chlorine residue from your hair and body, moisturizes and leaves your hair feeling regenerated and toned. The conditioner deeply nourishes and repairs your hair, leaving it shiny.

If you want to opt for a richer and more protective nourishing cream, try NatureOdysee’s kinky curly. It’s a concentrate with absolutely no preservatives, based on cottonseed oil that imitates natural sebum. Apply it to your wet hair in small quantities once or twice a week, ideally after washing.

Last, before you head out this summer

Here are two suggestions…If you are one of those people who loves light and wants to compete with the stars, make an appointment for highlights. If however you are a person who faces life each day with your armour on, make an appointment for a protective hairstyle like twists or braids.

 A wonderful summer with the time to relax and enjoy

Regardless of your style or your destination, we wish you a wonderful summer with the time to relax and enjoy. Don’t forget to drop by Tribus Urbaines to help highlight, care for and/or protect your curls, and at the same time, check our our selection of books to enhance and inspire your travels! Or simply stop by the salon for a glass of scented water on one of our great terraces.

Happy summer to you all!

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